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Questionnaire 2

1. Make a list of the most recent research topics (8-15) mentioned in major sites on Human Language Technologies:

German Reseach Centre for Artificial Inteligence:

  • Exploiting – and automatically extending – ontologies for content processing.
  • Tighter integration of shallow and deep techniques in processing.
  • Enriching deep processing with statistical methods.
  • Combining language checking with structuring tools in document authoring.
  • Document indexing for German and English.
  • Automatically associating recognized information with related information and thus building up collective knowledge.
  • Automatically structuring and visualizing extracted information.
  • Processing information encoded in multiple languages, among them Chinese and Japanese.

National Centre for Language Technology (DCU):

  • Machine Translation
    • Attempt: “All Trees” Efficient Models of Parsing and Translation
    • Prospect: Probabilistic Solutions to the Problems of Computerised Translation
    • Translating DVD Subtitles using Example-Based Machine Translation
    • TransBooster: Boosting the Performance of Existing Wide-Coverage MT Systems
  • Rapid Treebank-Based Unification Grammar Acquisition
    • GramLab: Treebank-based Multilingual Deep Grammar Induction for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, English and German
  • Grammar Induction/Machine Translation
    • ProGen/BiText: Probabilistic Generation with Treebank-Induced Grammars and Automatic BiText Creation for MT
  • CALL
    • The Integration of Computational Linguistics Techniques in CALL
    • Automatic Annotation of the Penn-II Treebank with Feature-Structure Information
    • CALL Workshops: integration, design, implementation and evaluation of web-based language learning activities
    • The Joint European Website on Language and Speech
    • The Socrates Thematic Network in Advanced Computing in the Humanities
  • Euromap.
    • Euromap Ireland – A survey of language technologies in Ireland
    • Vocationally-oriented Computer Assisted Language Learning Tool
  • A Quality Assurance Tool for Documentation and Help
    • A Quality Assurance Tool for Documentation and Help
  • Terminology and Extralinguistic Knowledge
    • Terminology and Extralinguistic Knowledge

 Edinburgh Language Technology Group:

  • Combining Shallow Semantics and Domain Knowledge.
  • Text Mining for Biomedical Content Curation.
  • Cross-retail Multi-agent Retail Comparison.
  • Smart Qualitalive Data: Methods and Community tools for Data Mark-up.
  • Machine Learning for Named Entity Recognition.
  • Integrated Models and Tools for Fine-Grained Prosody in Discourse.
  • Joint Action Science and Technology.
  • AMI consorting projects that are developing technologies for meeting browsing and to assist people participating in meetings from a remote location.
  • Study of how pairs collaborate when in planning a route on a map.

Human Language Technologies: In Rochester, NY:

  • Document Understanding Conference (DUC) 2007
  • Computational Approaches to Figurative Language
  • TextGraphs-2: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
  • Bridging the Gap: Academic and Industrial Research in Dialog Technologies
  • Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation (SSST)


  • Language Technology Lab (DFKI, Germany)
  • National Centre for Language Technology (Ireland)
  • Edinburgh Language Technology Group (Scotland, UK)
  • Human Language Technologies: The Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2007.
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